Retailer Services:  Meet the Team


CarterEnergy’s experienced Retail Development Team provides value-added services that help you achieve success. This includes best practices consultation, vendor support programs and expertise on environmental compliance—just to name a few.  And because the majority of the team has either owned or operated a convenience store or has been employed by major oil companies, they know what you do—because they’ve done it themselves!

Let our Retail Development experts provide you with the operational solutions needed to ensure your business is successful!


Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska & Tennessee

Dave Achten
Area Manager

(913) 209.2772 (cell)

Areas:  Kansas City Metro, Southern Kansas

Susie Coleman
Area Manager

(785) 224.9373  (cell)

Areas:  Kanas City Metro, Eastern Kansas, Western Missouri

Jason Miltenberger
Area Manager

(314) 709.0450 (cell)

Areas:  St. Louis Metro, Western Illinois, Nashville and Memphis Metros, Birmingham Metro

Tyler Milligan
Area Manager

(913) 424.8742 (cell)

Areas: Kansas City Metro, St. Louis Metro, Eastern and Western Missouri

Mark Powers
Area Manager

(785) 221.4628 (cell)

Areas:  Western Kansas, Nebraska

Jim Thomas
Area Manager

(816) 392.1635 (cell)

Areas:  Kansas City Metro, Iowa



Jason Dill
Area Manager

(417) 291.8232 (cell)

Areas:  Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, Southern Missouri, Southern Kansas



Mike Kittrell
Area Manager

(214) 762.0504  (cell)


Bob Penrod
Area Manager

(214) 727.6645 (cell)




Jonathan Begun
Area Manager

(720) 490.0133 (cell)

Areas: Denver Metro and Surrounding Areas

Akash Singh
Area Manager

(303) 709.3052 (cell)

Areas:  Denver Metro, Western Nebraska, Wyoming



Mike Milligan
Area Manager

(405) 326.4649 (cell)



Leadership & Development


Dave Milligan
SVP Retail Development

(913) 709.8933 (cell)

Tex Farmer
Director of Business Development

(913) 961.1572 (cell)


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“Our Area Manager has been a lot of help over the years, providing consulting with regard to in-store ideas as well as pricing strategies. We see him at least once—if not twice—a month in the store and we speak on the phone several times each week. He’s been a huge asset and is a good person to have on your side.  Our previous vendor wasn’t a lot of help; we were lucky if we saw him once a year. Not only that, they just sold us fuel. CarterEnergy has added so much value to our business.”

 ~  Danny Eilts,
Shelbee's Gas & Convenience