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Like you, CarterEnergy relies on fuel to run our business. We understand the importance of having the fuel you need—when you need it and in the appropriate quantities.  We currently have fuel supply availability with 90 suppliers at over 165 terminals, as well as strategic supply relationships nationwide. These strong relationships are the reason we have always had availability of product throughout our 50+ years, including during hurricanes and other natural disasters.

CarterEnergy offers you a full spectrum of Transportation Fuel Products: 


  • No Lead
  • Mid-Grade
  • Premium
  • Ethanol Blends



  • Ultra Low Sulfur (Clear Diesel)
  • Off-Road (Dyed) Diesel
  • (Clear) Kerosene


Specialty Fuels

With industry trends moving toward the use of sustainable fuels, more and more suppliers are exclusively implementing the use of bio-blends, from B1 to B5.  Through our supplier partnerships, CarterEnergy is the leader in providing these alternative blends throughout our service area.

  • Biodiesel - CarterEnergy is recognized as a marketer of Biodiesel by the National Biodiesel Board and offers all types and grades (B1 through B100).  Our B100 (100% soy) is produced under nationally recognized BQ9000 certified protocol and meets the ASTM D6751 standard.
  • Ethanol


Diesel Additives

CarterEnergy's Premium Performance Diesel Program treats all of our Diesel fuels with summer and winter additives designed to protect and optimize equipment performance year-round, regardless of the conditions.  Benefits to your fleet include:

  • Cetane boosts up to 4 numbers
  • Emission reduction up to 50%
  • Decreased fuel consumption

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"We can't take the chance of having students waiting out in the cold because of operating problems. CarterEnergy's Premium Diesel Program helps keep our buses operable and running efficiently.

~  Selden Hembree,
First Student/Olathe Schools