About Us:  CarterEnergy’s Rich History


For 50 years, CarterEnergy has had a history of being an innovative leader and trend-setter in the petroleum marketing business. To this day, CarterEnergy continues our role as an industry leader by partnering with suppliers, legislators, customers and even competitors to challenge the status quo and develop competitive and effective solutions for marketing and consuming petroleum products.



Sam Carter, founder of CarterEnergy, got a job at the local Mobil station in his hometown of Liberty, Missouri, while attending college at William Jewel. Within six months, Sam became the lessee/operator of the store.


Sam Carter left the Mobil station and became the lessee of a new Phillips 66 store in Liberty. Sam incorporated the business to become Sam Carter Oil. At that time, Phillips had a rule that an operator could only run one store. Due to superior performance, they changed their rule and Sam became the first Phillips 66 retailer to run multiple sites. During this time, most fueling stations were full service.


There were no Phillips 66 jobberships available so Sam entered into the jobber business by buying the local Skelly station from Ralph Conely.


Sam and Ralph entered into a 10-year buyout agreement for Ralph's retail stations and jobbership and Sam began to diversify even more. He now owned several retail sites, two bulk plants, a TBA (tires, batteries, automotive accessories) warehouse, as well as a fleet of tankwagons and tow trucks. He also entered the wholesale market, supplying fuel to other retail outlets.


Sam bought his first transport truck, enabling him to better serve his wholesale customers as well as provide services to his own retail stores. Getty bought out Skelly, making Sam a Getty jobber.


In order to support and grow his blossoming business, Sam hired Bryan Beaver as the company's first marketing representative. The trend towards convenience stores was just beginning. Sam began to acquire and convert service stations into the proprietary brand of "ASAP" convenience stores. ASAP remained the brand name of Sam's retail division until October 1999, at which time the ASAP stores were liquidated.


Carter became a multi-branded jobber, gaining distributor contracts with Phillips 66, Conoco, Total/Apco and Citgo Petroleum.


Carter Transport was established as a separate business entity. The business structure now broke down into three businesses:

  • Sam Carter Oil, Inc. (ASAP retail stores)
  • Carter Petroleum Products, Inc. (Wholesale and commercial division, lube oils, TBA)
  • Carter Transport Co. (Common carrier)

Late 1980's 

Carter Petroleum began acquiring other petroleum distributors and expanding geographically into southwest Missouri and Kansas. As Carter expanded and began to focus more on retail and wholesale business, we discontinued the lube oil and TBA business. During these years, we began building more modern, ground-up convenience stores.


Carter moved from Liberty to Riverside, MO where we were able to accommodate our headquarters alongside our bulk plant and unattended fueling facility. Sam Carter and Bryan Beaver entered into a 10-year buy-out arrangement.

Mid 1990's 

We expanded our geography to include Illinois and Iowa. Towards the late 90's, we moved into Oklahoma. From 1988 to 1999, Carter Petroleum quadrupled its business.


Bryan Beaver became President of Carter Petroleum Products.


Sam and Bryan completed their buy-out agreement. On January 1, 2000, Bryan Beaver became CEO and President of Carter Petroleum. Sam Carter retired and still resides part-time in Kansas City.  We also expanded our services into Texas.


Carter expanded our geography to include the Denver area.


In order to better reflect Carter's future path and direction, Carter Petroleum Products completed a makeover and became CarterEnergy Corporation. (see video, top right)


Relocated our Public Distribution Center (PDC) from Riverside, MO to Kansas City, MO (story)


CarterEnergy celebrated its 50th year in operation and launched the “What Will Fuel the Future?” RoadShow. (story)


Kerry Oliver became President of CarterEnergy Corporation (story). New market growth in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico (Commercial Fuels), as well as in Tennessee and Alabama (Retail). 


Bryan Beaver retired from the company and CarterEnergy officially became a division of World Fuel Services, Inc. (story). 




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